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Upcoming Events

  1. Sacramento EWGA Education: "Welcome to Golf" with Supervised Practice - Registration Deadline

    Jul 30, 1:00 AM - 11:59 PM (PT)
    Sacramento, CA, United States
  2. Sacramento EWGA:Catta Verdera

    Aug 2, 12:00 PM - 5:00 PM (PT)
    Catta Verdera, Lincoln, CA, United States
  3. Sacramento EWGA Education: "Welcome to Golf" with Supervised Practice

    Aug 6, 5:30 PM - 6:30 PM (PT)
    Sacramento, CA, United States
  4. Sacramento EWGA:Dry Creek Ranch Golf Course

    Aug 8, 11:00 AM - 5:00 PM (PT)
    Dry Creek Ranch, Galt, CA, United States
  5. Sacramento EWGA Education: "Welcome to Golf" with Supervised Practice

    Aug 13, 5:30 PM - 6:30 PM (PT)
    Sacramento, CA, United States
  6. Sacramento EWGA:Camellia Cup at Empire Ranch

    Aug 16, 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM (PT)
    Empire Ranch, Folsom, CA, United States
  7. Sacramento EWGA Education: "Welcome to Golf" with Supervised Practice

    Aug 20, 5:30 PM - 6:30 PM (PT)
    Sacramento, CA, United States
  8. Sacramento EWGA Education: "Welcome to Golf" with Supervised Practice

    Aug 27, 5:30 PM - 6:30 PM (PT)
    Sacramento, CA, United States
  9. Sacramento EWGA: Weekend Getaway

    Aug 28 - 30
    Plumas Area, CA, United States
  10. Sacramento EWGA:Diamond Oaks

    Sep 13, 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM (PT)
    Diamond Oaks, Roseville, CA, United States
  11. Sacramento EWGA:Camellia Cup Cherry Island

    Sep 19, 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM (PT)
    Cherry Island, Elverta, CA, United States
  12. Sacramento EWGA:Castle Oaks Shamble

    Sep 27, 10:30 AM - 5:30 PM (PT)
    Castle Oaks, Ione, CA, United States
  13. Sacramento EWGA Education: MELT Method Intro

    Oct 9, 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM (PT)
    Granite Bay, CA, United States
  14. Sacramento EWGA:Camellia Cup Lincoln Hills Orchard

    Oct 17, 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM (PT)
    Lincoln Hills Orchard, Lincoln, CA, United States
  15. Fantasy 18 Eclectic

    Nov 1 - 15
    United States

Board members 2014-2015

President:  Sunny Mills


     Member Services:  Nancy Lyons
     Member Recruitment:  Fern Lukka
     Events & Activities:  Pam Katros
     Golf Programs & Services:  Del Sayles-Owen
     Finance & Records:  Barbara Richards
     Marketing:  Tammy Pinnick


Monday Afternoons
Casual 9-Hole Play at Rocklin Golf, Haggin Oaks or Land Park.  Tee times currently range between 10:30 and 2:30 p.m.
Contact Fern Lukka to be added to weekly Evite.  No weekly commitment required.  more info...

Monday Evenings
Starting March 23, 2015!  Casual 9-Hole Play from 4:30 pm alternating between Woodcreek or Sierra Pines on Monday evenings, contact Vicki Philpottmore info...

Tuesday "Days"
It's casual and always fun!!  If you are interested in golfing during the day on Tuesdays, contact Sharon Blume. more info...

Wednesday Evening
Starting April 8th, 2015!!!  Casual 9-Hole Play from 5:30 pm at Haggin Oaks, Arcade Creek.  Contact Judy Mayes to be added to her weekly email.  No weekly commitment required.  more info...


Fantasy 18 Eclectic
Join in our new Fantasy golf contest, starting on March 1!
Throughout the season you will complete the 18-hole scorecard (made up from golf courses around the Sacramento area) with your best net score on each hole.   more info ...

Spring Fun League
Come try this fun Spring play.  This is a fun, relaxed league, and golfers and guests of all skill levels are welcome to play.  Starts Mar. 28th!
more info...

Camellia Cup
A nine-month long match play league played once a month.  You can sign up to try out for Cal Cup, participate as a member of the team but not try out for Cal Cup, or sign up to be a sub.  Starts Mar. 21st!  more info...

Volunteers needed

Our Chapter Needs Volunteers

What is your hobby, what do you want to learn, how can you help? Like to write? Are you a photographer? Do you have computer skills or people skills? Talk to us and we'll find the right volunteer opportunity for you. No job too small!

Volunteer opportunities are posted HERE.


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Welcome New & Rejoining Members!

Karen O'Hara - Jun 16
Alison Mora - Jun 5
Marielle Moyer - Jun 1
Lorey DeLaMater - May 20
Lola Davis - May 4
Colleen Maitoza - May 4
Sue Patton - May 4

Rare sighting

Editor's Note:  I just couldn't resist.  It's so rare to have a great picture of this woman who HATES to have her picture taken.  

Shelley Van Drimmelen (in the white hat) won the Mather Match Play Handicap Tournament and here's the proof!

Spring Fun League #4 Recap - May 9

The fourth EWGA Spring League  Fun Play was held at Bing Maloney Golf Course on May 9th.  Twenty golfers came out to play VARIOUS PARS in which they played their own ball through the 18 holes, but then were able to select their best two scores among the par 3s, the best five scores among the par 4s and their two best scores among the par 5 holes.  The players were divided into two flights - Flight 1 consisted of golfers with a 22 or less handicap and Flight 2 consisted of anyone with a handicap of 23 or higher.  Awards were presented for first and second places in each flight.  Ties were settled by scores on the #1 handicap hole (#9).  

Flight 1
  • 1st place with a 29 - Vicki Philpott (in a card off with Clare Payne) - $25 Morton Golf Gift Card
  • 2nd place with a 29 - Clare Payne  -  $15 Morton Golf Gift Card

Flight 2
  • 1st place with a 25 - Janet Cino - $25 Morton Golf Gift Card
  • 2nd place with 26 - Kayleen Kott (in a card off with Denise Arend) - $15 Morton Golf Gift Card

Final Spring League Fun Play is May 30th at the MacKenzie course at Haggin Oaks.  It will be a 4-person team competition called PINK LADY.  There is a pink ball involved and two player scores on each hole are needed for the team's score. (P.S. you won't want to lose the pink ball either)  Complete rules will be sent out to the registered players before the event. 

If anyone (not in the League) wants to play after the field, please let Vicki Philpott know at and she'll make sure to secure sufficient tee times.  

L to R:  
Vicki Philpott, Kayleen Kott, Janet Cino

New 2 Golf and Get Ready Golf

Congratulations to our Members who completed New 2 Golf and Get Ready Golf!


We were pleased to offer classes this spring for brand new or returning golfers.  The classes were taught by Haggin Oaks coaches who introduced our members to the culture, skills, and fun of golf.  Members learned basic etiquette, rules, how to book starting times, how to play golf, how to select the right golf equipment.   They also received instruction on the simple, basic fundamentals of putting, chipping and the full swing.  Those who completed "Get Ready Golf" got more one on one time with the golf coach for a deeper understanding of the short game and golf swing.  So welcome and support these members as they join in the summer fun!!


Kathleen Wheeler, Evelyn Fallon, Connie Clark and Val Alexander



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Treadway Makes "Bad Lies" Easy - May 2

On Saturday, May 2, five EWGA members and one guest attended the EWGA clinic "Bad Lies Made Easy" and learned to hit these tough shots like the pros.


Steve Treadway, Master Teaching Professional at Lincoln Hills Golf Club, put the group through the paces. He taught how to make short chip shots when the ball is buried in the fringe, longer pitch shots over bunkers, and shots from the bunker participants said they wouldn't have believed they could make. They even learned how to hit onto the green from the edge of the bunker - with their backs to the green! 


From the chipping area the class progressed to the range where it practiced from uphill, downhill and sidehill lies and hitting out from under the low-hanging branches of trees. Steve stressed the importance of balance, stance and club selection in these "bad" situations.  


Finally, as an unexpected bonus, he checked swings and offered individualized and valuable tips. 


In the end, the "bad lies" didn't seem so bad after all and the students came away with a new found confidence in their ability to handle these challenges on the course. Many thanks to Steve for an outstanding clinic.

In the group shot upper right are: Tammy Pinnick, Steve Treadway, Rashida Lelani, Denise Pulver, Kathy Tejada, and Eli Flores.


More Pictures...

First Hole in One of the Year - May 3

Fantasy 18 Eclectic - April Wrap-Up

Terry Erl Blair hole in one
Terry Erl-Blair

May 3, at the 131-yard 16th hole at Lincoln Hills (Orchard Course) with a 7-wood!  


Golf and financial planning

Fantasy 18 Eclectic - April Wrap-Up

Five Things Golf Has In Common with Financial Planning
by Rashida Lilani

So you're out on the course and feeling really good about your game. Your handicap is the lowest it's ever been and your friends have been commenting on how well you've been playing. But today is not the day you're going to be showing off your beautiful drive or the smooth putting skills. It's just an "off" day. It must be all those hazards on the course or the new clubs, you say to yourself. No matter what, it's just not happening and you walk off the course thinking "Why do I bother?"

Has that ever happened to you? Chances are the answer is a resounding yes, at least for those who are telling the truth. And as I've been playing a little bit of golf myself, I'm beginning to see parallels between golf and what I do to pay for it, financial planning. 

For the rest of the article, please go to Five Things Golf Has In Common with Financial Planning.


Spring Fun League at Bartley Cav - Apr 25

Fantasy 18 Eclectic - April Wrap-Up

Weather turned out great for Spring Fun League #3 at Bartley Cavanaugh on Saturday, April 25.  The game was individual Stroke Play with prizes awarded to the Closest to the Pin on all 3 pars and one overall low net.  If you didn't know the final foursome (Chao Chen, Lori Lucius, Laurie Hochmuth and Marcia Whiting), you might suspect some "trickery" with their entries for the closest to the pins, but we know better.  Congratulations to our winners!


Low Net was Kris Corbridge with a 72


Closest to the Pin Winners

#5           Lori Lucius at 10 ft

#8           Laurie Hochmuth at 8 inches!

#12         Chao Chen at 18 ft 7 inches

#17         Clare Payne at 6 inches!!   


A special shout out to Sally Paniagua with 7 ft 5 inches on #8.  Nice job!


EWGA Golf Expo Booth Rocked All Weekend!

Fantasy 18 Eclectic - April Wrap-Up

Opening of Expo with:  Sunny Mills, Theresa Stamey, Deana Frandsen, Kathy Tejada


April 24, 25, and 26, 2015


This event was the most fun and the very best Expo EVER!  We had a great turnout of volunteers.  The plan for the booth activities was executed as follows:

- We placed a gorgeous EWGA sign along the entire back of our booth.  The sign was proved by Markstein Beverage Company, our Eagle Sponsor.  Additionally, there was an EWGA table runner which hung on the front of the table and smaller EWGA cart flags hanging down the side edge of the booth.  Fresh flowers were on each side of the booth.
- Brochures describing the golf and education events, as well as applications were available.
- Twenty-two women golfers shared their names, emails, and phone numbers.  They received  a follow-up with additional contact information regarding EWGA from Fern Lukka, Membership Recruitment Director.
- We provided "Ask me about EWGA" and "Kiss Me, I'm a golfer" buttons for volunteers and women who stopped at our booth.

A huge thanks to all of our volunteers. You were great ambassadors of our organization.  Everyone did such a great job chatting up EWGA that we received three new members during the Expo - a first for us!


Golf expo a success for ewga - Apr 24-26

Fantasy 18 Eclectic - April Wrap-Up

This past Friday, Saturday and Sunday at the Haggin Oaks Golf Expo was perfect.  We had wonderful weather, great volunteers and shopping! And, we were successful in reaching out to many women about the merits of joining our Chapter.  In fact, new member Jobi Marchand, who joined in February, was so enthusiastic about the value of EWGA that she signed up a new member on the spot!  

Denise Pulver, Fern Lukka, Amelie Gannon, Jobi Marchand, Deana Frandsen and Tammy Pinnick

And, President Sunny Mills got drafted to be a part of the Women in Golf Panel on Sunday.  The result of her comments brought several women and men to our booth to find out more about EWGA!

And, this comment from Del Sayles-Owen just came in:  

"One of our newest members, Nanette Nelson, visited our booth with her friend.  Her friend was undecided about taking up golf again until she stopped at our booth.  Nanette says "the gals at the booth yesterday were so kind and inspiring.  I think that really gave her the incentive she needed.  The gals were all lined up behind the table with warm welcoming smiles.  One gal even recognized my name. Very cool!"  As a result, Nanette's friend will be joining our Supervised Practice clinic this week - awesome!